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Ayur Shakti Kadha

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30 Tea Bags

Kadha is an Ayurvedic drink including herbs and spices which are typically boiled in water for a length of time, allowing all of the medicinal benefits to be extracted.

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16 Medical Herbs inspired by Ancient Ayurveda in one Teabag of Ayur Shakti Kadha it has natural properties for increasing immunity to Avoid Infections, cold, cough, and headaches.

For quick relief from the starting signs of infections ease a cough, cold, viral. Simply dip a tea bag in a hot water or tea to sip on this Natural, Productive and Pure trusted Remedy.


  1. Helps relieve sore throat and congestion
  2. Helps fight flu naturally
  3. Helps reduce inflammation
  4. Antioxidant properties
  5. Helps in improving digestion
  6. Helps relieve stress


A pack of 30 tea bags (2gm each tea bag)

How to make

How to make

An effective cup of Herbal Kadha

  1. Place a Kadha bag in a cup
  2. Pour freshly boiled water into the cup.
  3. Dip the Kadha bag a few times and allow it to infuse for 1-2 mins.

Sugar cube or Jaggery can be added as per taste

7 reviews for Ayur Shakti Kadha

  1. Anjali Sethi (verified owner)

    Happy to see Immunity tea bags awesome product.

  2. sakshi

    amazing product

  3. Nitin Bisht

    Good product. Promotes immunity, and I definitely feel changes in the positive directions.

  4. Ritesh kumar

    Fabulous product start taking it and literally feeling more energetic.

  5. Kuldip Rawat

    This was good. Really good. Don’t think too much. Buy it.

  6. Chanderprakash

    Its Good Product and the amount of ingredients are more. Buy it

  7. Karanveer Singh

    Kadha is good and it start working after 03 days of regular use, but its not 100 percent pure not so strong if it is pure it would have very strong taste and smell, final verdict Good product

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