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Plutus Plus New U Face Pack – 200 GM


The immense exposure of our skin to the hot sun rays causes our skin to get tanned and damaged. This can easily be healed by our organic face pack which is made with the essential natural oils that are useful for removing dirt and bacteria.

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Wipe The Tan Away

It is pretty normal nowadays to get our skin tanned in the hot sun & exposed to wild temperatures during times of global warming. This pack is specially developed to remove the tanning and helps in controlling pigmentation of the skin, caused due to pollution & hot temperatures. The argan oil boosts the elasticity of the skin, also hydrates the skin to prevent dry & laky skin. The red lentils present in the pack remove sun tan and lightens the skin.

About the Product

  • Our herbal and organic Skin Care product is made completely in India with natural ingredients including essential oils and shea butter.
  • This Face Pack is suitable for all skin types of any gender and age group. Hydrating and refreshing the skin is the main feature of this organic product.
  • Key Ingredients: Split red lentils, petals, Cow milk power, Agra oil, Essential oils.
  • Our product is ISO and GMP certified and it is 100% natural as well as completely made in India.
  • No sulphate is used in manufacturing this face pack and all the standards are maintained.

Other Information

  • Brand: Plutus Plus
  • Product Type: Face Pack 
  • Product Weight: 200 gm
  • Chemical Used: 0%
  • Storage Life: 2 Years
  • Product Form: Semi-Solid



Split Red Lentils, Petals, Cow milk powder, Argan Oil, Essential oils


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