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Kirit Ayurveda About Us

Kirit Ayurveda is an initiative to take the benefit of pure Ayurveda to its customer. Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has been used for centuries, to help heal people along with the prevention of health issues and improving health and quality of life. These time tested remedies & treatments are still available to this day, still as effective as they have been for ages!


Our promise is that we only use large quantities of high quality organic and natural ingredients with zero toxins. All our ingredients are sourced directly from plants, herbs, and other natural resources only that have been grown organically, as suggested in Ayurveda.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Kirit Ayurveda seeks to impact people's lives through its Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) initiatives. We are committed to improving lives, living, and livelihood for a stronger and inclusive society. The core of our philosophy is the promise to enhance the quality of life by empowering people and catalyzing change through innovation and support.


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