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Everyone desires glowing and beautiful skin and also strives to achieve the same naturally. Therefore, using Gulab Jal is a dream come true in such a situation. Since the environment is full of pollution and other health disorders, using Gulab Jal helps in fighting the sink aging bacteria and leaves you with naturally glowing and beautiful skin throughout.  Rosewater is a miraculous potion that is infused with natural rose petals. This remedy is in practice for ages and must be a

The fundamental question that must be dealt with is what exactly kadha is? It is a herbal concoction that helps in strengthening immunity and boosts energy. Such kadha is prepared using various medicinal herbs and spices, including tulsi, basil, cinnamon, dry ginger, black pepper, and raisin. As per the ayurvedic studies, all these ingredients contain various properties that boost and strengthen the immunity and the presence of different other infection healing compounds. So, everyone must include kadha in their diet

Today, man is recovering after causing so much destruction in nature. He is trying to be environment friendly. Two tasks are most important to keep the environment clean. First, plant more and more trees to keep the air clean. And second, to minimize pollution. And in order to stop pollution, we can use bicycles instead of cars or any personal vehicle in our daily routine. This is a measure which has become very famous abroad and is now happening in India as well. Let's know what are

In this lifestyle with a hectic schedule, we ignore ourselves and our bodies the most. And the result of this ignorance is our body has to suffer. We also get some such incurable diseases that we have to spend our entire life on medicines and diet. It is better that we start taking care of our bodies. In today's life, we have more luxuries than our overall responsibilities. Somewhere to go, there are cars, motorcycles, public vehicles. If the building

Are you facing mental or physical stress which is taking a toll over your health, have stress made you stand alone and distant from your own family? Relax, take a deep breath. Stress is not uncommon, and almost 60 percent of the population today is facing stress. The majority of people are unaware of the fact that issues in their bodies, either mentally or physically, are due to stress. In today's era, everyone's life is hectic, and we are exposed

Worried about whether to go with the organic products or stick to conventional products, you have been using for long. We all have faced such confusion in life, isn’t it? Organic is not only a healthier way of living life but also guilt-free. As there is no chemical and cruelty involved, you not only get the best for your body but to the mother nature also. For getting the suitable organic product people often do a lot of research and

In the modern era, running in a busy life while sitting at a place, we are surrounded by machines. We do not have to move hands and feet for anything. Everything is done only at the gestures of the fingers. Moreover, our sitting jobs have become the last nail in the coffin. We have become so lazy that waking up at 8 a.m. to reach the office at 9 a.m. and leaving 5 p.m. straight to the bed. In such

Ayurveda in Sanskrit translates to the internal meaning of “knowledge of life”. Ayurveda is the principle of the ancient wisdom of life that intricates the living of the human body with its environment and their interactions. It is derived from the Sanskrit abbreviation “Ayur” means life and Veda mean “knowledge”.What makes Ayurveda unique is its emphasis on total wellness, considering the treatment as the combination of science and art. Ayurveda believes in creating the Harmonizing balance between internal and external

Struggling from dull skin since long or want to fight those blemish marks on the skin. Ayurveda has answers to all. Since ages, there have been many secrets that out ancient Vedas contains and one of them is the preparation of one of the most effective and precious Kumkumadi Tailam. It is a highly purified and quality mixture of herbs and oils to treat your skin blues. The power of Kumkumadi Tailam The 100% natural formula has the immense power to change

There was a time when people were walking barefoot, shoes were nowhere around. No matter on Snow Mountains or hot deserts they walked bared foot. But today the scenario has changed completely, shoes have become a status symbol. From Swarovski crystals to high heels they are dominating our lifestyle. Shoes have to become a fashion statement and running in the race has pushed us to wear ill-fitted shoes without even realizing how shoes can affect our health. Now we are


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