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Benefits of Cycling in today’s era


Today, man is recovering after causing so much destruction in nature. He is trying to be environment friendly. Two tasks are most important to keep the environment clean. First, plant more and more trees to keep the air clean. And second, to minimize pollution. And in order to stop pollution, we can use bicycles instead of cars or any personal vehicle in our daily routine. This is a measure which has become very famous abroad and is now happening in India as well.

Let’s know what are the benefits of cycling along with keeping the environment clean.

1. Cycling on regular basis can protect you from any serious disease like stroke, heart disease, some type of cancer,diabetes, obesity, diabetes and arthritis.

2. Cycling improves your cardiovascular and aerobic fitness. 

3. It was your blood pressure, boost energy,  build muscles and improve coordination.

4. Cycling helps you in depression by releasing good hormones.

5. Cycling improve your leg strength and stamina.

6. Girls are very concerned about their waist line.  So believe it, cycling is one of the best ways to reduce belly fat.

7. The bicycle is environment friendly as well as pocket friendly as it requires minimum maintenance and runs with your feet and not petrol.

Cycling for beginners

In the beginning, cycling causes you to breathlessness, you will face muscle cramps, your feet will ache and you will feel very tired maybe all day. Your muscles will get fatigued because of the anaerobic respiration in your muscles. And the solution to avoid all this is Kirit Ayurveda Cyclist Massage Oil.  This oil makes you strong and gives more power to your muscles. It provides maximum Oxygen in all parts of the body, which helps you to avoid anaerobic respiration. And you are saved from muscle pain and you can become a good cyclist in a few days.

Some clinically proven benefits of massage

– Massage can boost the immune system. Many studies have linked massage to improve functioning of the immune system.

– Massage can improve well being. A relaxing massage can reduce anxiety, stress and depression.

– Massage can reduce inflammation.

– Massage can reduce muscles fatigue.

– Massage can improve sleep. 

Why massage is important for a cyclist?

If you are a cyclist, getting regular massages can transform the way you involved in your activities. Massage can increase your range of motion and flexibility by increasing your blood circulation to the muscle tissues. And the increase of blood circulation helps to relieve muscle tension and reduce stiffness and soreness of your muscles. Some of the researches have proved that a good body massage on a regular basis increases sports performance by allowing for more efficient blood flow.

Some benefits of massage therapy for athletes

1. It relaxes the muscular system. Relaxation of the muscular system is extremely essential for cyclists who are subjected to rigorous training and stress on regular basis.

2. Massage reduces chronic pain.

3. It reduces the impact of repetitive stress injuries.

4. It promotes rehabilitation.

5. A good massage improves posture and form.


Why Kirit Ayurveda Cyclist Massage Oil only?

In this materialistic era, markets are getting laden with all kinds of goods. You just need to wish and you can get what you want. Even if you demand soil in the ocean, you will get it in the packet too. Nowadays, you should not have the tension of getting goods, but you should have the tension of getting the good stuff. There are many goods, but it is very important to find out which is good among them because almost every stuff in the market is filled with harmful chemicals. And this is what sets us apart from other brands. 

Kirit Ayurveda Cyclist Massage Oil is made from pure natural oils and herbs.  It does not contain any type of chemical or toxin. It contains some special herbs like Ashwagandha and some special oils like Caderwood oil. This not only makes your body toned and active but also keeps you strong without any harm. The natural composition of this oil makes it suitable for all skin types and age groups of people. 

This oil improves the flexibility of your muscles and hence reduces the fear of injuries. It reduces the stiffness of muscles by increasing mobility and functionality. In some researches, it is also found that a good massage increases the serotonin hormone (the feel-good hormone) and acts as a mood enhancer. It drops cortisol hormone (stress hormone) up to 15%. And a happy person always tries to push his limits enthusiastically.

It improves blood circulation and a good massage on the back helps in high blood pressure. It minimizes the numbness of body organs because of poor blood circulation by providing a good amount of oxygen. Massage from this oil can create room between muscles and make them more flexible. Whenever you buy a product you must go through its ingredients. Ingredients are the soul of a product. 

Ingredients used in this product


– Ashwagndha root contains (Withania somnifera) extract combined with magnesium and vitamin B6.

– Ashwagndha is a plant-based adaptogenic that contributes to physical and mental well-being in times of heightened stress.

– Magnesium and vitamin B6 supports the functioning of nerves and the psyche.

– Ashwagndha is an ancient medicinal herb that can reduce blood sugar levels.

– It has anti-cancer properties.

– It can reduce cortisol levels. 

– It helps reduce stress and anxiety.

– It reduces symptoms of depression.

– It boosts testosterone and increase fertility in men. 

– It increases muscle mass and strength.

Cedar wood oil

– Cedar wood oil has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. This may make it beneficial for skin conditions like acne. 

– Cedar wood oil’s chemical makeup makes it effective at repelling insects.

Til oil

– Til oil contains vitamin E, which can help protect skin cells from the damage caused by environmental factors, such as UV rays, pollution, and toxins. 

– Til oil also contains several phenolic compounds, which give it its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

– Til oil is high source of Unsaturated Fats.

– It helps in Rheumatoid Arthritis.

– It has antioxidants to the Rescue.

– It lowers Blood Pressure.

– It is great for the Skin.

– It helps in Fighting Stress and Depression.

Sunflower oil

– Sunflower oil is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin E which help in promoting skin health. 

– Sunflower oil is rich in antioxidants. They help in regenerating damaged skin cells and getting rid of the acne-causing bacteria. 

– The sunflower oil is light and non-greasy and thus, it gets absorbed in the skin easily without blocking the pores.

The history of Ayurveda is 5000 years old in India.  And we Indians are always proud of it.  Such medical methods that keep your body fit and healthy without damaging the environment.  Is it a matter of less pride?  Kirit Cyclist Massage Oil is also completely Ayurveda based.  It is made from pure natural herbs and oils and gives you the best health.  This oil is truly the bridge between the modern era and our Ayurveda.  You can take advantage of old Ayurveda and be proud of using this oil sitting at your home.

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