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How Bad Shoes can affect Our Health

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There was a time when people were walking barefoot, shoes were nowhere around. No matter on Snow Mountains or hot deserts they walked bared foot. But today the scenario has changed completely, shoes have become a status symbol. From Swarovski crystals to high heels they are dominating our lifestyle. Shoes have to become a fashion statement and running in the race has pushed us to wear ill-fitted shoes without even realizing how shoes can affect our health.

Now we are ready to dig deeper into our pockets for these designer heels to impress our peers. When we talk about health only the heart, lungs, and kidneys these things come into our mind, shoes are the last thing we think could be associated with health, yes but this is truth. Believe it or not, our shoes can create a lot of health problems either short term or long term without even our notice.

These effects are reflected not only in our feet but all over in the systemic aspect of the body and many parts. So in this article, we have tried to frame the health effects of shoes so that the next time you buy those pairs you are well informed.

Need of the Attention

As per many podiatrists, shoes are meant to support, protect and comfort are three main functions of the shoes, a correctly chosen or fitted shoes rarely have any bad effect on the health, but if you think your shoes have created strain in your feet you can try Kirit Ayurveda post shoes massage oil, it is a 5000-year-old Ayurvedic formula made from rich organic toxin-free material.

This is the best way to revive your tired feet from the stress of whole day standing job or high-intensity workout. Sometimes a quick message with the right ingredient can save you from the long term damage. Many studies have been done in the past too shows how important role shoes play in integrating the posture and body weight. Let us see some of the issues that can be created when our shoes are not selected properly.

Nail problem

Fungal skin issues are the common manifestation of the shoes, it is estimated that more than 17% of Europeans are facing it due to ill feet care. In-grow toenail is another implication of bad shoe effect which can be very painful at times. This can cause the brittleness and discoloration of the nail permanently. This hampers the self-esteem of the individual and we hesitate to flaunt our feet in the open.

Corns are the painful hard dead skin collection over the bony projection of the foot which is most common in the back of the foot. This is caused by the prolonged pressure points over a specific area from ill-fitted footwear. If a shoe is too loose and continuous rub the side of your sole or are tight to create extra pressure than corns can be developed.

Athlete’s foot

This is another fungal infection that causes intense itching inflammation and flaking of the skin. It is extremely unconformable and at times painful. It can occur when basic foot hygiene is lacking and can be spread to toenails also. In context to the above-explained effect of shoes, there are some long term more serious effects a wrong pair of shoes can damage health beyond our imagination.

Flat feet

Also known as collapsed feet or fallen arches, this term is used for the condition where the arches have been low down or became loose. This happens when the tendon Achilles present at the back of the leg, get strained or sprained and the tendon which supports the muscle supporting the arch becomes low. Hence whenever you remove your shoes from long working hours it becomes crucial to give your feet a 10 min pleasure of massage, and if done through Kirit Ayurveda post shoes foot massage oil it will be more beneficial.

Back pain

Among the number of serious health problems due to shoes is the pain in the back with some serious long term changes. The pain is targeted in nature and can be felt for days. High heels, when used for a long period, can exaggerate the lumbar spine muscle due to prolonged sprain over the back. This can cause long term changes in the posture and eventually stiffening of the back this is an extremely painful condition that may require many appointments to the doctor. So if planning to but high heels make sure to choose a well made and well fitted.

Many of us believe in preferring fashion over the health while going for a shoe shopping, we realize the value for the right information. As our feet consist of a total one-fourth of the bones present in the body and bear the whole weigh special attention is hence require. 90% of the deformity found in the female foot is due to the ill-fitted shoes or prolonged wear of the heels. Regular use of heels can predispose to diseases like osteoarthritis 7 times higher than the individual wearing proper shoes.

Let your feet love you

If you take care of your feet, take proper care of the shoes, give distressing message s from time to time maintain the hygiene than your feet will thank you. All this can be done by investing little time and attention. So do not be the fashion victim and discover the right information as per the need of your body.

There are certain rules one must follow, if have prolonged standing job, have a routine of walking more than 10,000 steps, more physical stress at the workplace, or high weight then special attention should be given to the call of the foot while shopping. Whenever get time just de-stress your feet for all the hard work they have done in the long exhaustive hour.

Hope all this information will help you to be informed and enlightened so that next time when a colleague or friend of your brushes up the topic of the health impact of shoes you can properly educate them.

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