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Worried about whether to go with the organic products or stick to conventional products, you have been using for long. We all have faced such confusion in life, isn’t it? Organic is not only a healthier way of living life but also guilt-free. As there is no chemical and cruelty involved, you not only get the best for your body but to the mother nature also. For getting the suitable organic product people often do a lot of research and its worth.

A pure organic product is gentle yet effective in its action. All the organic products provided by the KIRIT AYURVEDA are far from preservative, artificial fertilizers and are strictly quality checked.  Every organic product is prepared with the prime aim of preserving the earth and providing year old legacy of Ayurveda, to their customers. 



The term organic is used for the process of how certain products are produced. Organic products are usually grown or prepared without any use of artificial chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics or genetically modified chemicals. To be labeled as organic a product has to be free from any artificial additives. These additives may sometimes contain monosodium glutamate, preservative, artificial colors, and flavors.

Organic products are also referred to as those products which are free from fertilizers and pesticides used. These organic products are being produced at least 70% of organic ingredients. The raw material is procured from the natural ingredients grown and taken from mother nature. One more thing that makes organic products so unique is not only being made from natural ingredients and free from any chemical but also, they are never tested on animals.

In terms of body care and personal care products, they have to meet national organic certification protocols in terms of production, handling, processing, and labeling pertaining. For being certified as an organic product under the rules and regulations the product has to go under the strict vigilance process and checked for all the parameters.


Ever wondered why our grandmother always has that bottle of special herbs with her, India is full of these small secrets at the corner of every house. Our ancient old culture has always focussed to get the best from the earth. Be it food products, cosmetics, and well-being essentials most Indian old times house were relying on nature for its cure. But as times have been changing, we are getting busy in our urban life.

These legends are giving up on space and becoming tales.  Ayurvedic formulas are restricted to books only. People require something pure, gentle, and effective like the golden days. Organic product visually goes through a lot of strict process for ensuring the safety quality and production which ensures the best of suitable and holistic product for the body.

All organic products are nature-based hence have a very less amount of negative impact on the skin or body. In most of the products available in the market have some amount of harsh and harmful chemicals, even the best of the natural products also has it. Many ordinary commercial projects although they are manufactured by well-known reported brands contain multiple toxic and chemically processed substances that are capable of causing adverse impact on the human skin.

These are long-term effects that sometimes take months to recover back. Sometimes organic and natural products are used synonymously and interchangeably with each other. But no doubt in quality organic products are far way better than natural products. In an organic product, there is a minimum scope of any adulteration and chemical use. In KIRIT AYURVEDA all organic products are made from best quality material and herbs.


For getting a pure certification of organic products the ingredients have to be selected carefully. The certifications are provided only to those brands which provide at least 70 percent of the base material as an organic raw substance. Rest if the bar goes below this a product cannot be termed as organic. Many people worry about the high-cost factor for organic products in comparison to the cheap product available in the market.

But in recent times due to increased awareness created around the organic products people are now ready to spend to buy these products from their pocket even though if it means spending little much more. We come across many organic products in a day to day shopping, ranging from beauty products to wellness and skincare to relaxation; the market is full of fair trade of organic products.


Our organic products are made according to the ancient protocols and under the close watch of experts. The ingredients are closely observed and procured from the best of nature itself.

As KIRIT AYURVEDA, we believe in providing trustworthy and innovative products. All the products are genuine, organic, and 100% percent original. All our products are tailored made to provide health-conscious living human beings. To drive the market for the best vehicle of the global market we believe in creating a holistic, sustainable business that is intended to inspire and promote wellness.

With the mission of creating products that help people in better lives, healthier and wholesome. We attain this promise by providing 100% percent authentic, pure, and organic products. As a leading organic product procurer, we promise to provide the best solutions created and nourished by nature itself. From the foothills of the Himalayas to the rivers of Kerala we procure higher quality products.

The environment has a solution for every problem hence to get any of the issues we should turn around to nature, and this is the prime motto of KIRIT AYURVEDA. For every individual to have an integral and dignified life, well-being and health are the essential pillars. Hence for giving back quality to our clients we are based on the principle of ecology, care, fairness, and health. Through our organic products, we provide efforts for sustainable growth facilitating the ecosystem.

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