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Stress relief

Are you facing mental or physical stress which is taking a toll over your health, have stress made you stand alone and distant from your own family? Relax, take a deep breath. Stress is not uncommon, and almost 60 percent of the population today is facing stress. The majority of people are unaware of the fact that issues in their bodies, either mentally or physically, are due to stress. In today’s era, everyone’s life is hectic, and we are exposed to multiple kinds of stress in our daily routine.

No doubt, our mind is capable of handling mild to moderate stress; however, the functioning of the body and perception starts deteriorating, when the exposure time increase. Tackling stress includes understanding what is causing stress to you, how your body is responding to it that stress, and what are the best stress relief products available to combat the adverse effects of stress. Every stress management should include self-care time and regime. Let us see some of the details regarding stress, including what is stress, why you need stress relief, and how KIRIT AYURVEDA can provide best for self-relief.

What is stress?

Stress is the response of the body, which appears whenever any negative feeling of fear surrounds our mind. There are multiple fears and negative impact which a human exposed to in its daily routine. Common stress factors include pain, humiliation, argumentation, and disappointment. Stress also has different parameters and indicators for different people. One may find this situation as comfortable or straightforward, whereas others find it very stressful.

Whenever the mind recognizes such stressful situations it stimulates our nervous system, it becomes activated through the endocrine system, and every cell of your body in response gets stressed out. This impairs the immune system, cell regeneration, and critical thinking process. Your heart starts pumping more blood, speeding the heartbeat, causing prolonged drained out feeling.

Most of the people start feeling stressed out right in the morning itself when they have to get out of the bed for the office, skipping breakfast while rushing to the office and arriving late to work. Stress can be triggered by anything ranging from minor to major significant changes occurring in life. These changes, as per the doctors, disturb the equilibrium in life and lead to ongoing stress, which eventually becomes chronic stress.  Stress has many adverse effects on an individual’s life.

Ranging from impaired blood nutrition supply to disturb immunity, stress is responsible for multiple pathological conditions like depression, anemia, and anxiety. Stress in many studies is found as the sole reason for the impaired immune system working predisposing to diseases and increased susceptibility to catching an infection. With products from KIRIT AYURVEDA one can easily fight day to day stress, so never stops yourself from working hard, just have a massage from KIRIT AYURVEDA product, and feel relieved.

Effects of stress on our body

Sometimes it happens that stress appearing for a much more extended period or frequently in shorter intervals could cause a full range of damage physically and mentally. Whenever a person is exposed to stress, there is the suppression of happy hormone or serotonin in the body. When the same situation continues over a long time it disturbs the whole in the equilibrium picture of the body. This is the reason why today all the diseases have one major cause that is stress.

Multiple chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, thyroid, and depression are known to be associated with stress. Stress is one of the biggest reasons for many bad habits and addiction due to its euphoric feeling. Whenever an individual is exposed to an extreme levels of stress, he may knock the door of certain obnoxious elements like alcohol and drug to feel happy and relieved. This habit, when is continued for a more extended period, may end up in alcohol and drug addiction. So, stress may have a direct and indirect effect on the living and functioning of the body and mind.

Need for stress relief

Many studies have revealed that rest and stress have a positive effect. Let’s say you have physical stress for being overpowered, and for work, you will rest for a day or take off, and you are good to go again. To maintain the right balance in life we need a regular cycle between stress and rest. Multiple stressful encounters of mind body and soul one needs to enter the relaxing state to feel rejuvenated again. This cycle of stress and rest may repeat its self in hours days or months. So, to maintain the life balance stress followed by relief is the key to live a happy life. Products from KIRIT AYURVEDA are crafted in a way that all muscles, tissue, and cells get the deepest of rest feeling to charge you up for daily pushing of life.

For relieving the stress, you may require some techniques, skills, or stress-reducing products, when put together may help you detoxify the body from the negative energy created by the stress. After the complete discussion, it is clear that nobody can function under stress for so long. Ultimately one needs to destress to go back to a healthy life. To avoid issues like depression, anxiety, heart diseases, and diabetes, one needs to relieve the stress from time to time continuously.

What do we offer?

As being one of the pioneers of Ayurvedic products, KIRIT AYURVEDA promises to offer the best range of products in the stress-relieving segment. All our products are well designed through knowledge in compassing of Ayurvedic professionals who equip every product exclusively to relieve stress. Every stress relieving product provides an essential rejuvenating experience, which will destress you both physically and mentally stressful. Our extensive range of massage oil allows relieving tension from the muscles as the result of stress.

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