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What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda in Sanskrit translates to the internal meaning of “knowledge of life”. Ayurveda is the principle of the ancient wisdom of life that intricates the living of the human body with its environment and their interactions. It is derived from the Sanskrit abbreviation “Ayur” means life and Veda mean “knowledge”.What makes Ayurveda unique is its emphasis on total wellness, considering the treatment as the combination of science and art. Ayurveda believes in creating the Harmonizing balance between internal and external worlds.

In recent years Ayurveda has immersed as the largest alternative healing system of medicine. It does not count only on the physical or psychological disease but aims at dissolving spiritual sufferings also. Today everything we eat we breathe and the way we live our life has brought upon the danger of diseases. We are predisposed to thousands of ailments in our day to day practices without even knowing it. In such a condition, deep cleansing practices like Ayurveda and the purest of the ayurvedic product from KIRIT AYURVEDA can bring a substantial change in our outlook toward health.



Originally originated from the Asian sub-continent India, Ayurveda dates back to 5,000 years ago which was developed for encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda hence emphasis on the triple action for achieving holistic optimistic health, treatment, and preventing health. These are inculcating lifestyle practices, yoga, and herbal medication.  These doshas need to be balanced out in the Body as the expression of disbalance may create the disease predisposition in the individual. A balance is known to be a state of optimal health.

Ayurveda is a years-old scientific healing art that utilizes the effects of herbs and their benefit on the doshas. Ayurveda describes these three fundamental energies in our body Vata (air), Pitta(fire), kaph (earth) originally as responsible for the different behaviors and characteristics of our nature, body type, and expression of various diseases. Our body has the five senses which act as the midway between the two realms of the world, one which lies within us and the other which we are surrounded with.

These interactions form within outward are based on five essential elements Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and sky. These five elements than governing the energies and their expression in our bodies. These expressions then decide the fundamental personalities and functions of the human body. These are Vata, Pitta, Kapha, disturbance in them causes dosha responsible for disease creation in our body.



Air and space around the human body represent the “Vatta”. It controls the muscle and joint movement, heartbeat, and joint movements, also it is known to control anxiety, fear, pain, and many other functions of the nervous system. There are many ayurvedic herbs which are indicated in the case of disturbed “Vatta” and bringing back it to the original equilibrium state. KIRIT AYURVEDA products are designed and manufactured in a way that they bring the best of the ayurvedic solution to any of the “dosha”.

Fire and water from the environment indicate the control of vital body function which may include indigestion, metabolism, and mental understanding with intelligence. Earth and water represent the “Kapha”, this dominantly expresses the immune system in our body. Many emotional expressions of human nature like anger, love, freedom forgiveness are dominated by it.

Ayurveda identifies these three elements as the basis of human life and its regulation. From the smallest of the cell in the body, Ayurveda believes in channelizing its energy for a better life cycle and its relationships. From emotional stress to physical injuries to organ affections, Ayurveda heals all. The constitution plays an important role in a predisposition toward certain conditions. For example, many may get wet in the rainy season out there but only a few get cold, similarly many work-out hard in the gym yet cannot lose weight.

This constitutes that we all are different and are made from different lookups. To understand the nature and structure of disease it’s necessary to understand it from within as a whole from inward to outward. That’s where Ayurveda plays a vital role, as in understanding the human body, mind, soul being one identity, and nullifying the effect of causative agent penetrating deeper into the body through this prime principle.

These “doshas” are usually inherited like any genetic composition which can further be aggravated by a particular lifestyle. They play a major role in deciding the physical constitution and personality of the individual. They are also responsible for our physical makeup and mental intelligence. Many individuals may have a combination of these “doshas” where one type is more dominant and expressive than others.



The means and deed of Ayurveda practicing completely depend on person to person, few people use these ayurvedic medications for maintaining health, reducing stress, and improving the flexibility of the body. It also helps in strengthening immunity and stamina. These medications are also useful to treat chronic diseases like arthritis, skin condition, and hypertension. Ayurveda is also advices in a condition where there has been tearing out the vitality of the body from inside and the individual suffers from the negative effect of medicine along with the disease. Being a safe mode of treatment Ayurveda causes nil or minimal side effect.

Ayurveda is also helpful in abating stress away in general health maintenance rather than treating the disease condition. Ayurvedic products by KIRIT AYURVEDA are targeted not only for destressing your body, mind, and skin but also for maintaining your overall health. The herbal combinations from KIRIT AYURVEDA are well known for their quality, integrity, and worthwhile health experience for worn-out vulnerable bodies and vitality.



Ayurveda practice is based on the principle of a simple, gentle, and effective approach. KIRIT AYURVEDA believes in providing the easiest and safest way to integrate health with the daily routine. All products are convenient and productive to use. In KIRIT AYURVEDA we believe in providing high quality, purified, and constituted product which is governed by the principle of Prakriti and loved by the mother nature. Ayurveda understands the vulnerabilities of human nature and is hence designed in that way only. The effectiveness of Ayurveda has been proved under many clinical trials and researchers even the WHO has conducted various studies validating the efficacy of the ayurvedic products and treatment.

KIRIT AYURVEDA is determined to bring about a positive change in the individual disturbances and imbalances which are reflected as external pains and disorders. While taking ayurvedic treatment one has to understand Ayurveda is all about recreating the balance between the vital components of the body and mind, and not just treating your external wounds.

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