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Everyone desires glowing and beautiful skin and also strives to achieve the same naturally. Therefore, using Gulab Jal is a dream come true in such a situation. Since the environment is full of pollution and other health disorders, using Gulab Jal helps in fighting the sink aging bacteria and leaves you with naturally glowing and beautiful skin throughout.  Rosewater is a miraculous potion that is infused with natural rose petals. This remedy is in practice for ages and must be a part of one's daily regime. Rosewater has the following benefits which necessitate its use regularly: Rosewater, or simply Gulab Jal, has

The fundamental question that must be dealt with is what exactly kadha is? It is a herbal concoction that helps in strengthening immunity and boosts energy. Such kadha is prepared using various medicinal herbs and spices, including tulsi, basil, cinnamon, dry ginger, black pepper, and raisin. As per the ayurvedic studies, all these ingredients contain various properties that boost and strengthen the immunity and the presence of different other infection healing compounds. So, everyone must include kadha in their diet regularly to enable them to stay healthy and fit. The intake of kadha helps to minimize the possibility of infections

Today, man is recovering after causing so much destruction in nature. He is trying to be environment friendly. Two tasks are most important to keep the environment clean. First, plant more and more trees to keep the air clean. And second, to minimize pollution. And in order to stop pollution, we can use bicycles instead of cars or any personal vehicle in our daily routine. This is a measure which has become very famous abroad and is now happening in India as well. Let's know what are the benefits of cycling along with keeping the environment clean. 1. Cycling on regular basis can protect you from any serious

In this lifestyle with a hectic schedule, we ignore ourselves and our bodies the most. And the result of this ignorance is our body has to suffer. We also get some such incurable diseases that we have to spend our entire life on medicines and diet. It is better that we start taking care of our bodies. In today's life, we have more luxuries than our overall responsibilities. Somewhere to go, there are cars, motorcycles, public vehicles. If the building is high, then there is a lift.   The truth of our luxury is that we do not even need to walk

Are you facing mental or physical stress which is taking a toll over your health, have stress made you stand alone and distant from your own family? Relax, take a deep breath. Stress is not uncommon, and almost 60 percent of the population today is facing stress. The majority of people are unaware of the fact that issues in their bodies, either mentally or physically, are due to stress. In today's era, everyone's life is hectic, and we are exposed to multiple kinds of stress in our daily routine. No doubt, our mind is capable of handling mild to moderate


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